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Why you should consider a Modular Building for your office accommodations

Portable Modular office buildings

Portable Modular Office Building


Depending on the nature of your business, your office space may require certain accommodations that will be either impractical or challenging to find in existing commercial space.  When this is the case, you are left with the opportunity to either make an existing space work, or create your own.  Having helped many businesses like yours take the first step in creating their own unique office accommodation requirements, 4More Space is here to help.  We provide an incredible range of modular buildings that will give you the one thing every company requires, versatility.

Helping you build from the ground up

When you start researching modular buildings in the UK, it is important that you remember that you have control over what your buildings will look like.  You can specify both the inside and outside of the building during planning, making your ideal setup available to you.  You have the ability to measure the space you will need, choose different exterior walls, select among flooring options, and even customise such specific elements of a building as light fixtures, security, and furniture.  With 4More Space, you have a one-stop-shop for all of your modular needs.

We offer you modular building groundworks packages that provide the full service of preparing the land to building your ideal commercial office design.  We can supply you with the foundation drawings complete with point loading to ensure that you have all the details every step of the way.  From then on, we will work with you side by side to make your space a reality.  We have worked across the country providing services on a small and large scale.  Regardless of your needs, we provide the personable service past clients have learned to trust.

Why Modular Buildings?

Why go with prefab buildings?  As we’ve already mentioned, you get a lot of selection with this building type.  In addition, it helps you in the most important way a building construction can, by being versatile to your needs.  Once you have paid for the entire unit, the remaining costs are low to non-existent.  While they may have a high up front cost, they are far more cost effective than other construction types.

Versatility Is Key

Portable and modular building offers you the versatility you need to not only establish the office space you want but lay the groundwork for future expansion that can react dynamically to the expansion of your company.  There are many different office space units to select from depending on your need.  In addition, there are additional modules like bathrooms that you can have designed.  Canteens are also another popular example of specific room spaces that we can offer you.  We can also provide you with coolers in case you are also dealing with materials that need to be carefully temperature controlled.  Finally, we offer a wide selection of additional services through our trusted sub-contractors that include flood lighting, CCTV, security, and fire alarms.  Simply put, we will help you every step of the way to build the space your company deserves.