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The Importance of Breaks in the Workplace

The Importance of Breaks in the Workplace 


Site Accommodation

Whilst most businesses quantify their successes in terms of profit margins, it is important to sustain the wellbeing of the members in your workforce, to ensure they can continue to achieve said profit margins.

Humans are complex creatures. Unlike mobile phone batteries, we can’t function optimally until our batteries completely deplete – instead, we slump and productivity levels lessen until we completely breakdown – something that takes more than a quick charge to recover from.

Having adequate amenities available for your staff can be difficult if you work in an industry like construction, rail, or nuclear energy, with varying locations or changeable environments. This is where the wonder of modular buildings comes into play – welfare units are ideal for the given circumstances.

Implementing a modular building or two can open up your facilities for a number of purposes. These options – when combined together – can boost productivity and general job satisfaction considerably, leading to more dedicated, more switched-on staff.

Break Room

When you’re working long hours, day-in-day-out, in a physically and mentally tiring environment, the prospect of a chilled out zone for enjoying a leisurely cup of tea, will alleviate stress and tension.

With modular buildings allowing for complete personalisation with your installation, you can look to decorating and furnishing the interior to your particular preferences. We can even supply a couple of cosy sofas or any of your furniture requirements as part of our full turn key service. 

Mess Room

In overly physical, dirty environments, it’s important to fit a mess room where your staff can wash down their outdoor clothing. Whether working in engineering for the national rail service, or dealing with dangerous chemicals in a laboratory, it’s vital to have a designated area to wash and change.


Nobody’s going to perform well in a tasking physical job unless they’re sufficiently fed and running on the necessary nutrients. Harnessing the importance of proper nutrition and allocated lunch breaks – in a specific resting space – will lead to a peak in your staff’s motivation and drive. We are experienced in supply canteen facilities with self service catering kitchens or even manned kitchens for outside caterers.

Toilet/Shower Facilities

One of the most obvious of the natural requirements, the need for toilet facilities is a given. A shower will also allow your workers to clean off after a hard day’s work, letting them leave work feeling refreshed, ready to enjoy their evening and return raring to go the next morning.

With a range of different models and types of modular building available, we can supply and install something perfect for every workforce in all industry sectors – after all, everyone needs a break every now and again.

The team at 4More Space have been supplying portable buildings for over 20 years throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. Contact us today to discuss your company’s individual needs and our friendly advisors will work to unite you with the fine-tuned building choice you need.

Whether it’s large enough to be a semi-permanent, fully-furnished fixture, or simply a remote addition to your construction site – that can be transported at short notice – we’ve got the right building for you.