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Modular and Portable Building Hire Saves Time and Money

Modular building

Double Story Modular Building


Is your business expanding more quickly than you had anticipated? Finding suitable premises is difficult and very expensive. You may immediately need access to more business space, but are reticent to lease a property, due to long-term financial commitments. Why not consider hiring a modular or portable building? This approach gives you exceptional versatility and could be the most cost-effective option in the short and long run. 4More Space has over 20 years of expert experience, so we can provide you with everything that you need.

Why Hire a Modular Building?

Who wants to be tied down to the expensive financial costs, when your business interests vary? You may be committed to building a permanent structure that would perfectly meet your company’s requirements. As you know, this takes a huge amount of time, patience and money. Why not hire one of our modular or portable buildings, to keep your business running efficiently in between projects? This is a smart, cost-effective way to generate extra floor space, without a longstanding expenditure and unnecessary disruption. Leasing or renting a floor space for a year or so, is a real drain on your resources, especially if you only need an additional building for an interim period. Hiring one our temporary office buildings is an excellent way to keep your business running and reduce costs at the same time.

The Versatility of Portable Building Hire

You will most likely have specific design requirements in mind, when considering modular or portable building hire. It could be that one of our new or used modular buildings, is just perfect for your business. We have a comprehensive range of products for you to choose from at competitive prices. What if you need a specific configuration for your company? Our expertise means that we can create a unique solution to fit your exact requirements. This includes size, shape, design, colour and so on. You can look at one of our case studies on our website.

What if you need a small building for hire? You will experience the same high quality service that we afford all our clients. Our team of planning and design specialists are ready to work with you, to produce a modular building that’s custom-made for your business.

Office Furniture for Your Hired Modular Building

Whether your business is in a permanent or temporary structure, you need essential equipment to function effectively and efficiently. Whatever it is that your modular or portable building requires, we can provide it for you. Do you need office furniture to furnish your new modular building? Whether it’s a single item, or a large selection of bespoke furniture, you can come to us for a one-stop-shop. We can supply you with different furniture systems to suit offices, changing rooms, conference rooms and welfare facilities. The beauty of coming to us for your furniture, is that it can be hired in the same way as our modular buildings.

If you would like any more information about our modular and portable building hire service, please contact us on our website today.