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Ex Royal Chelsea Hospital Building

Portable Accommodation After Grenfell Tower

After the recent Grenfell Tower disaster, many tower blocks across the country are now being discovered to have failed safety tests due to inflammable cladding. This development has left many of the residents of Grenfell Tower homeless and many others at risk of losing their homes temporarily while their tower block is brought up to […]

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Marketing Suites

Tips when looking to purchase a Marketing Suite

Deciding to invest in a portable marketing suite for your business is an excellent way to improve your credibility, and the customer service levels offered with your products or services. Inexpensive and ideal for plots or establishments that are lacking in space, a portable marketing suite can be implemented into most areas, giving you a […]

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School classroom

How Modular Buildings Are Helping Open Up Education to The UK’s Children

With the competitive nature apparent when it comes to securing a place for your child in local schools – due to the ever-rising population in the UK – there are an increasing number of academies cropping up across the country, opening up new possibilities to those who have struggled with finding a school place. Some […]

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Site Accommodation

The Importance of Breaks in the Workplace

The Importance of Breaks in the Workplace    Whilst most businesses quantify their successes in terms of profit margins, it is important to sustain the wellbeing of the members in your workforce, to ensure they can continue to achieve said profit margins. Humans are complex creatures. Unlike mobile phone batteries, we can’t function optimally until […]

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Modular Buildings for Any Academy

Marvellous Modular Buildings for Any Academy

Are you an academy school struggling for extra space? The success of your education centre could mean that you need to expand your premises. Do you plan to create more space to accommodate your further education facility for 16-18 year olds? Regardless of why you need more room, modular buildings could be the perfect option […]

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Modular Building

Money Saving Modular Building Leasing

Do you need to quickly create more space for your business? Perhaps your current premises are too small and you are searching for a larger building to conduct your business. Have you taken on more employees due to the success of your company? Then modular building leasing could be perfect for you. 4More Space are […]

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Site Cabins

Professional Portable Buildings for Better Business

  Why are more and more businesses using portable buildings? Of course, they are much cheaper than conventional buildings, quick to build and relocation is easy. What about their versatility? Portable buildings can be used for many different purposes and this adaptability makes them highly valued. The team at 4More Space have been involved in […]

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Modular and Portable Building Hire Saves Time and Money

  Is your business expanding more quickly than you had anticipated? Finding suitable premises is difficult and very expensive. You may immediately need access to more business space, but are reticent to lease a property, due to long-term financial commitments. Why not consider hiring a modular or portable building? This approach gives you exceptional versatility […]

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Portable Modular office buildings

Why you should consider a Modular Building for your office accommodations

  Depending on the nature of your business, your office space may require certain accommodations that will be either impractical or challenging to find in existing commercial space.  When this is the case, you are left with the opportunity to either make an existing space work, or create your own.  Having helped many businesses like […]

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Modular Buildings

New Security Gatehouse for Blue Chip Retailer

4More Space have recently supplied and delivered a 2 bay security access building for one of the UK’s major retailers. The building was designed specifically with our customers needs giving their security team a new building to work from to control access of vehicles and personnel arriving and departing from their distribution centre in the […]

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