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Retail Kiosks

We provide retailers with high quality Retail Kiosks that can be placed in a prominent position within :

·      Car Parks of supermarkets

·      Retail Parks

·      Leisure Parks

·      Motorway Service Stations

Most retailers wish to position themselves on the high street due to the prominence it provides and the footfall that passes the unit.

However this has shortcomings for some retailers. The unit sizes are often too big for their needs and the associated costs are considerable.

With the continued growth of out of town retailing and the exponential growth of supermarkets, the footfall and dwell times at these locations are considerable and increasing.

By occupying units in these locations, retailers will be able to benefit from the draw of the associated retailers and at a cost that is a considerable discount to the high street.

Landlords at these locations can benefit from additional income and increase the variety of retail their location offers.

Retail Kiosk