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Tips when looking to purchase a Marketing Suite

Deciding to invest in a portable marketing suite for your business is an excellent way to improve your credibility, and the customer service levels offered with your products or services. Inexpensive and ideal for plots or establishments that are lacking in space, a portable marketing suite can be implemented into most areas, giving you a an instant building to showcase your company products and services.

When the purchasing your marketing suite and ahead of having it delivered and installed, you need to look to furnishing it in the most suitable manner to fit all of its functions.

Here at 4MoreSpace, we have been providing space solutions for over 20 years, making us experts in the industry – here are our top tips for kitting out your portable marketing suite in the most effective manner:


Making sure that you choose and arrange the layout carefully is vital. You need to purchase furniture that can be moved around to suit a number of purposes. For example, you will want your marketing suite to predominantly act as both a waiting area and meeting room for yourself and your clients. This is great when you opt for a two roomed  or two storey marketing suite – allowing privacy.

The meeting room needs to be versatile to work for different functions, such as focus group meetings, one-on-one client consultations and presentation set-ups.


There’s nothing worse than travelling across the country for a business meeting, only to arrive at the establishment and discover there are no adequate refreshments. Having a fully fitted Kitchenette / tea making area in the suite is a great way to convey the professionalism of your business through your portable marketing suite. 

Entertainment and Information

Make sure that where possible you can provide welfare facilities. Including a toilet is ideal if you have mains facilities nearby. In many cases the marketing suite is the first building / facility on site. It is always a nice touch as visiting clients have somewhere to freshen up if they have travelled a distance to look at doing business with you. It puts your customer in a comfortable position ready to do business.

Brand Accordingly

Some marketing suites can be vague with their purpose, which means ample advertising opportunities are overlooked as passing potential customers don’t know the nature of the business. By having areas, externally on your marketing suite where you can place your company  signage allows you to instantly market your company  as soon as the marketing suite is delivered to site. Ideal for drawing the attention of those passing by.

Keep it marketing concise but informative – you don’t want to overwhelm readers, as this can just completely bury your message. Use your company’s brand colours too  can be incorporated in the exterior of the building – consistency is key when trying to impress potential clients in and around your new portable marketing suite.

Contact us today at 4MoreSpace, where we can meet with you for a consultation about your own portable marketing suite installation. We will be with your every step of the way – whether you’re looking for ready-built marketing suites for sale, or you’d like to work on a bespoke order – we’ll help you with the design, buying process and installation. Don’t delay, give your company the reputation it deserves today.